On this page Quick Start ​This section gives you a quick taste of Automa by building your first workflow. In Automa, there are two ways to create a workflow:By recording your actions on the webManuallyRecording Actions ​The recording is the easiest way to build a workflow in Automa. To get started, open the Automa dashboard by clicking the Automa icon on the top right. After that, click the arrow down icon and select the “Record workflow” menu. and select the “Record workflow” menu.When Automa starts recording, it will record all your actions, like creating a new tab, scrolling, clicking, and typing. While recording, you can also select an element to retrieve the text or attribute value from it.To stop the recording, open the Automa popup and click the ⏹️ button. To learn more about recording a workflow, you can watch the video tutorial about it.Start Recording From a Specific Block in Workflow ​If you already create a workflow and want to start recording from a specific block inside a workflow, you can right-click on an output of the block and click the “Record from here” menu.Manually ​To create a workflow manually:Open the Automa dashboard by clicking the Automa icon on the top right.Click the “New workflow” button and input the name and description for the workflow.And open the workflow that you just created.Inside the editor, you’ll see a trigger block. This trigger block is where the workflow will start executing, and you can also schedule when the workflow will run in this block.To add a block to the workflow, drag a block from the blocks list on the left side and drop it into the canvas. And to connect the trigger block with the block you added, drag the trigger block output and drop it into the block input.Save the workflow and now you can run the workflow by clicking the play icon Edit this page on GitHubPrevious pageIntroductionNext pageOverview